Cake Flavors

White Almond Butter Cake (Fan favorite)
Chocolate Cake
Yellow Butter Cake
Marble Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Spice Cake
Confetti Cake
Vanilla Butter Cake
*Lemon Cake
*French Vanilla Bean Cake
*Strawberry Cake
*Banana Nut Cake
*Coconut Cake
*Carrot Cake
*Spiced Apple Cake
*Italian Cream Cake
*Orange Cake
*Pineapple Cake
*Cherry Lemon Cake


Vanilla Buttercream (fan favorite)
Chocolate Buttercream
*Bavarian Cream Flavored Buttercream
*Raspberry Cream
*Strawberry Cream
*Lemon Cream
*Lemon Curd
*French Vanilla Bean Cream
*Chocolate Ganache
*Chocolate Hazelnut Cream
*Butterscotch Cream
*Pistachio Cream
*Peanut Butter Cream
*Coffee Cream
*Mint Cream
*Praline Cream
*Coconut Cream
*Caramel Cream

Icing Options

Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

*Chocolate Ganache

 *additional charge may apply

Allergen Infomartion

ALL cake based items contain flour, sugar, eggs, asstd dairy, soy (in the baking spray), asstd coloring based on cake design, vegetable oil.
SOME cakes contain chocolate, orange, strawberry, nuts (both tree and peanut), lemon, cherry,, spices, etc (it's pretty self explanatory per each chosen cake flavor ie. if you should choose pistachio cake it will have ground up pistachios in it).
Shortbread cookies contain gluten, sugar, and dairy (this recipe is egg free)

At this current time Kelly Q's Cakes does not offer gluten free, eggless, or vegan cakes. We're always working on new formulations, so that may change in the future!