Kelly Q's Cakes Pricing

Here at Kelly Q's Cakes all orders are custom priced depending on size, flavor, difficulty of design, specialty products used for specific orders, time each design entails, delivery address etc. Below is a BASIC guide as far as pricing and does NOT include design fee in most cases. If you have a specific design you would like priced out, please contact Chef Kelly Q.

There is a minimum

order fee of $200

If you are booked with The Heights Villa or Bell Tower on 34th, you receive specialty discounted pricing. Please use the "contact us" form for further details

WEDDING CAKES- start at $4.75 per slice


GROOM'S CAKES- generally start at $2-4 per slice

2D CUT OUT CAKES- generally start at $4 per slice


SCULPTED CAKES- generally start at $8 per slice

(plus approximately $30 per hour design fee

based on difficulty, this fluctuates GREATLY)



CUPCAKES- start at $2.50 each


MINI CUPCAKES- start at $1.25 each


CAKE BALLS- start at $2.75 each


SHORTBREAD COOKIES- start at $3 each (greatly vary based on design)

Delivery Fees: Based on mileage, setup requirements,

delivery difficulty, day, etc. Typically $30-$200

Remake of top tier for past Kelly Q's Cakes brides and grooms only:

$50 and up depending on original design.

($200 order minimum does NOT apply)